Jetson Haze Electric Bike – All you need to Know

The Jetson Haze is a lightweight electric bike designed specifically for individuals who require a compact and convenient mode of transportation for short commutes and limited storage spaces.

Key Feature of Jetson HAZE E-bike

Top Speed15.5 mph
Range20 miles (pedal assist); 15 miles (throttle)
Weight Limit265 lb.
Electric Speed Modes3

How fast is the Jetson haze electric bike?

The Jetson Bike has a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, which is a bit slower than the NAKTO Folding Electric Bike. However, this speed is suitable for adults and is also safe for kids. You have the option to switch between cruise control and twist throttle modes as you ride

How long does Jetson bike charge?

When comparing it to the PRODUCT, the Jetson Folding Bike doesn’t cover as much distance. However, managing 15 miles with just one charge is still quite impressive. If you’re aiming for a longer 43-mile journey, you might want to consider the Hurbo folding electric bike. It can provide around an hour of good riding time at its maximum speed before needing to be recharged. The charging process takes about 5 hours, which is decent

Can I charge my Jetson bike overnight?

Remember to always charge your e-bike until it’s fully charged and then disconnect it. Avoid leaving it plugged in overnight or for long periods.

Does Jetson bike have removable battery?

It’s important to know that not all Jetson chargers work with every Jetson product. For instance, certain products like the Haze and J8 e-bikes have removable batteries. These batteries can be charged either while they’re inside the product or separately after being taken out.

Can you pedal Jetson haze?

The Jetson Haze e-bike provides three different speed modes. When set to level 3, you’ll receive pedal assistance as long as your speed remains under 15.5 mph. However, in level 1, the pedal assistance will assist you in reaching a speed of up to 8 mph.

Top Reason to Buy Jetson Haze Electric bike

If you’re looking for an electric bike that’s versatile, space-saving, and offers an enjoyable riding experience, the Jetson Haze might just be the perfect fit. Here are six compelling reasons to consider getting your hands on this innovative e-bike:

  1. Compact Three-Way Folding Frame: The Jetson Haze boasts a unique three-way folding frame design. This makes it an ideal choice for city residents who are tight on space. When you’re not riding, you can easily fold the bike into a compact form, saving valuable space in your home or apartment.
  2. Customizable Riding Experience: With the Jetson Haze, you have the freedom to tailor your ride according to your preferences. The bike offers three levels of pedal assist, allowing you to choose the amount of electric assistance you want while pedaling. Additionally, the cruise control feature adds convenience during longer rides.
  3. Throttle for Pedal-Free Riding: For those moments when you’d like a break from pedaling, the Jetson Haze comes with a throttle option. This means you can enjoy a completely pedal-free riding experience whenever you want, giving your legs a rest while still moving effortlessly.
  4. Versatile All-Terrain Wheels: Whether you’re cruising through city streets or seeking adventure off-road, the Jetson Haze is up to the task. Its all-terrain wheels are designed to handle various surfaces, making it a versatile companion for urban commutes and outdoor escapades alike.
  5. Powerful 350-Watt Hub Drive Motor: Despite its compact frame, the Jetson Haze packs a punch with its 350-watt hub drive motor. This motor delivers ample power, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride every time you hit the road.
  6. Extended Range with Spare Battery Option: Need to go the extra mile? The Jetson Haze offers an exciting option: a spare battery. By choosing this option during your purchase, you can effectively double the bike’s range. With the spare battery, you’ll enjoy an extended range of up to 30 miles per hour with throttle-assisted propulsion.
  7. The Jetson Folding Bike comes equipped with a really useful safety feature – a bright LED headlight. This light consumes very little energy, leaving most of the battery power for the bike itself. If you like, you can even use this headlight for riding during the night, as it’s quite bright. On the other hand, the eAhora X7 offers additional safety features like an anti-theft electric lock and a full alloy suspension, among others

Reason not to buy Jetson haze electric bike

Considering its small size, the Haze electric bike might feel slightly heavy to carry, weighing in at 48 pounds. Additionally, some riders might find its top speed of 15 mph a bit slow, especially when compared to other electric bikes in the US that can reach up to 28 mph.


The Jetson Folding Bike doesn’t aim to make groundbreaking choices for its design. It might not be the fastest electric bike, and it’s not the most adaptable either. But why consider it? Well, firstly, it offers a decent speed of 15.5 mph and a battery life that covers 15 miles – that’s quite respectable. It’s sturdy, lightweight, and its folding feature makes storage a breeze. However, the most significant point is that it’s currently one of the most budget-friendly e-bikes available, priced at just $339.

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